Budapest On-Site & Online Open Day - EMBA

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Budapest On-Site & Online Open Day

Free Event

06:00 PM CEST
Nador u. 15. 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Watch the Event:

Unique Open Day event in Budapest, giving you a taste of THE EMBA FOR THE OPEN WORLD®


  • Join us in Budapest to learn about CEU Executive MBA — one of the most vibrantly international, innovative EMBA programs in Europe.
  • Get an overview of our leadership philosophy and commitment to Open Society.
  • Engage with our students and alumni.
  • Get a sense of the in-class experience by engaging with Andrew Hefler, performing artist and communication coach of the CEU Leadership Program

Main Event Schedule:

  • 6:00 PM CEST

    Welcome by Thomas Lammel, CEU Executive MBA Senior Program Manager

  • 6:05 PM CEST

    Presenting CEU Executive MBA, Maciej Kisilowski, CEU Executive MBA Faculty Program Director

  • 6:30 PM CEST

    Q&A Sessions with current CEU Executive MBA participants

  • 6:40 PM CEST

    CEU Executive MBA for me: Global alumni impact

  • 6:45 PM CEST

    Keynote Speech: "Making better habits on improving Strategic Communication" -- Andrew Hefler; discussion

  • 7:15 PM CEST

    General Q&A Session

Meet Andrew Hefler

Presenter's Bio:

Andrew Hefler has been introduced to improvisational theatre when he was 10. Andrew is the founder and artistic director of Grund Theatre. He has conceived and/or staged well over a dozen short and long form improvised shows. Currently a member of Madhouse Theatre Co. performing at the Nat’l Theatre of Hungary for 10 years. He has acted in numerous films and television shows as well as a wide performing a variety of voice work. Andrew has trained actors, directors, writers and a variety of professionals in improvisation and communication skills for over 15 years. Has studied with improvisation greats such as Gary Austin, Charna Halpern, and extensive work with Keith Johnstone leading courses at theatres and universities from Los Angeles to Berlin. Andy is a prolific public speaker and has been a lead Host at BrainBar, Europe’s leading Futurology festival.